How to Say “I Love You” in 10 different languages

I Love You in Ten Different Languages. Because Valentine’s day is right around the corner and well…saying “I love you” to someone you truly love never gets old… Enjoy 🙂

1. Spanish: Te quiero.

2. French: Je t’aime.

3. Russian: Ya tebya lyublyu

4. German: Ich liebe dich.

5. Japanese: Ai shiteru.

6. Chinese: wǒ ài nǐ

7. Icelandic: Ég elska þig.

8. Arabic: ana ah-hib ich (to a female)

ana ah-hib ek (to a male)

9. Hawaiian: Aloha Au Ia ‘Oe

10. Swahili: Nina kupenda

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