Why It Hurts to See You Fight (A Poem on Divorce)

Why It Hurts to See You Fight (A Poem on Divorce. From the child within me.)

It hurts me to see you fight.
I wish there was something I could do.
Anything to stop the war
Silently waging between you two.

The silence is what hurts the most.
You pretend everything’s fine.
Telling me it’s just an argument,
When it happens every time.

But I can see the bitterness
behind the words you say.
Using your tongues as weapons,
Piercing all that’s in your way.

So every time I watch you fight
I get hit with daggers too
They soar to my left, wrong, and right
Because I’m standing between you

It’s a heavy weight to hold,
Your parents’ wounded love.
It feels my urgent duty
To protect what I’m a product of.

When you fight I choose no side
As I feel for both of you.
I don’t notice who is wrong or right,
I only look for truth.

And the truth is that you’re both amazing,
just the way you are
I’m overwhelmed with love each day,
I love your flaws and all.

I wish you could see eachother
The way that I see each of you.
Some days they seem forgotten-
The countless attractions of you two.

Maybe if we focused hard
On all the good in us,
We’d forgive all of the little faults
And see things like Jesus does.

If you feel like having a good laugh…

If you feel like a good laugh, watch this video. Ladies, I know y’all can relate!!


Humility is remaining in the flow of giving and receiving, understanding that neither is inherently better than the other and that in fact, they must both co exist, side by side.

Jesus Chose You First

It’s amazing to think about it. Jesus chose you first. He chooses you and then, you choose Him. God puts the Holy Spirit inside of you and then, in a moment of miraculous grace, He gives you the faith to call out to Him. And thus, begins your life long (and life altering) relationship with God.

Let’s not forget how it is in this way that we came to be in relationship with God. When you acknowledge this, you begin to grasp the depth of His love for you. You are chosen by God! Unconditionally loved by Him. You are special. Dwell in that. Let God be your valentine.

How to Say “I Love You” in 10 different languages

I Love You in Ten Different Languages. Because Valentine’s day is right around the corner and well…saying “I love you” to someone you truly love never gets old… Enjoy 🙂

1. Spanish: Te quiero.

2. French: Je t’aime.

3. Russian: Ya tebya lyublyu

4. German: Ich liebe dich.

5. Japanese: Ai shiteru.

6. Chinese: wǒ ài nǐ

7. Icelandic: Ég elska þig.

8. Arabic: ana ah-hib ich (to a female)

ana ah-hib ek (to a male)

9. Hawaiian: Aloha Au Ia ‘Oe

10. Swahili: Nina kupenda

My Husband List

I think it’s important that we define what we are looking for in a life partner. As with most things in life, if we don’t know what we’re looking for than how can we expect to find it? Here is a simple list that I have come up with of the things I am most looking for in a man. I encourage anyone who has not written such a list to try it. Not only is it fun to think about, but it can be a useful tool in the dating game. We all know it is easy to be blindsided by love, ignore red flags, and end up with someone whom you know isn’t right for you. Maybe a list can save us single folks some trouble in the future…

Here’s my personal list:

–       God Fearing

–       Spiritual

–       Intellectual – loves to think concepts and talk deep

–       Educated and well travelled

–       A calm temperament and handles stress well

–       Consistent and stable

–       Solid work ethic

–       Disciplined in living a life of integrity – what does he do when no one is looking?

–       Humble- thinks of others more than he thinks of himself

–       Pursues me passionately

–       Gets along well with my family and friends

–       Can make me laugh no matter what mood I’m in – This one is key. A man who can make me laugh when I’m having a bad day is invaluable.

Appreciate Your Exes

Don’t underestimate the value of your failed relationships. Sure, relationships can (and often do) fail. But certainly, there is no failure in relationship. Relationship itself is always a gain.

These people, even if they’re the wrong ones, are the ones teaching you the most about yourself, what you do and don’t want in a mate, and ultimately preparing you for the one to whom you are destined. For this, if for nothing else, you ought to be able to muster at least a smidgen of appreciation 😉

A Strange Thing

It’s a strange thing when you start to feel better after thinking you never would. It’s even stranger when you want to love again after losing the love of your life. A part of you says, “No, you can’t! It’d be a betrayal.” But another part of you, the better part of you, screams, “Yes! Live again! Love again!”

When things grow in a secret garden, they almost always grow mutant.

Most of us agree: we’re blessed. Our lives are full of good things like family, friendship, love, career, success, money, food, music, nature and on and on. But let us remember these good things for what they are: gifts. Rather than clinging to or obsessing over any of these gifts, may we instead cling to and become obsessed with the Giver.

good gifts