What Do You Know?

There aren’t many things about which I hold strong opinions. I consider myself to be high on the continuum of open-mindedness.

But there are a few things about which I am certain.

Like my distaste for Kindles and other electronic reading devices. Nothing can replace the joy that comes from the process of driving to a book store, picking out a book of choice, and walking away with said new book in hand.

Likewise, I will always favor a pencil to blank paper over a computer, tablet, or smart phone. There is magic in the movement of hand to paper that simply cannot be replicated.

I also know that my dog was sent here from heaven. To be with me in times of need and teach me how to love.

Finally, I know that I lose track of time, and also myself, whenever I am editing a video, writing a song, recording a performance, or performing live. Scientists call this “in the zone.”

These things I know for certain. What do you know?

One thought on “What Do You Know?

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