Love is Like a Wild Flower

“Fact is,
You’re born alone and you die alone. You can’t bring anyone into this world with you as well as you can’t take anyone out of it when you go. It is your journey alone.
Yes we meet people along the way but it is only two lives running parallel, not intertwining. Enjoy these experiences but never believe you were born for someone or meant to be with one individual person you’re whole life because quite frankly, you will be sorely upset when reality comes to light.
A close friend once told me that finding someone you love is like finding a beautiful wild flower. We want to pick it and take it home with us to keep, but it soon looses it’s glow. It wilts and becomes unhealthy and eventually dies. To truly appreciate someone we love, we must allow them to flourish and grow in their environment. Visit them in their beauty but not displace them…”

2 thoughts on “Love is Like a Wild Flower

  1. To flourish a wild flower does indeed rely on the environment from which it came forth, and perhaps for a wild flower its environment is an essential piece, the essence, of what it is. But we come to understand from quantum physics that by merely observing something in life we are in some way intertwining with the thing observed. My experience of love in this lifetime is that we are indeed intertwined and that is both the beauty and the joy of this dance we call love. Defining the term “alone” relative to life and love simply limits ones experience of these things, which can certainly be achieved when a little courage is applied with a dash of gratitude and wonder.

    There really are no such thing as “facts” when you explore the expanse of life from the perspective of infinity, which you can observe at any time by simply looking into the sky. There is only this wondrous Life that is such a Great Mystery. How we choose to create, love, dance and play in the sphere of our own awareness shapes our experience as we are intertwined with the world and others who we share it with. It saddened me for a moment to hear someone speak of love relative to dying alone and I was moved to share an alternate perspective. Be well…


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