A Little Poem I Wrote and Call “I C Emotions”

Pride! I am one of the most

Powerful things on Earth.

I cannot die

Because I did not birth.

I am Transport.

Shame! No one dares come near me

I am one of their worst fears

I made a huge mistake

And caused too many tears

I am Builder.

Regret! All the world is angry

No one is my friend

Ever since I accidentally

put that craft to an end.

I am Captain.

Isolation! Silently alone in the cold

I sit and I wait

Watching for visitors

but loneliness is my fate.

I am Passenger.

Mercy! The sky screams guilt at me

The sea whispers hate

I try to reason with them

But know it is too late

I am Frozen.

Confession! I am just an iceberg

that lives in the Atlantic.

I continue to seek forgiveness

for sinking the Titanic.

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