Forget Not…

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.
-Khalil Gibran


When I think about the Universe, how scientists haven’t found the edge of it, how nobody knows exactly where we are on the map…


I think how there are really only two human responses to such beautiful mystery- terror and awe.

God tells us that fear is the appropriate response, that it is the beginning of all wisdom. Yet, I think too much of our time is spent trying to dissect God, to understand Him (so that we no longer have to fear) and too little is spent allowing our hearts to simply feel awe.

It’s ironic; we deprive our hearts of wonder and yet, we need wonder. We need wonder to explain what is going to happen to us. We all know that death is coming and we need something mysterious to happen after it. We need to know that God has things figured out, even if we don’t. We need there to be Someone bigger than us who has it all under control.

Yes, I think this is our greatest worship- wonder.

Give More Than You Take

In your relationships, always give more than you take. Do this while you’re on Earth because you already have one relationship in which you’ll always take more than you give. And that is your relationship with God.

God is No Thing

Everything on Earth is composed of opposites. We relate to the world through contrasts. Scientists call this The Unity of Opposites.

Just think of nature. Day and night, light and darkness, hot and cold…
Or your daily life. Gain and loss, pleasure and pain, good and bad, and so on.

Nothing has no opposites.

Except God. God is No Thing.

God – The Master Craftsman


This morning as I was walking my dog before work, I had a moment of clarity and awe that I want to now share with you.

The weather is getting warmer here and the birds were out in full force this morning. It occurred to me just how complex their way of being is. Together, they formed a cacophony of sounds which I can only assume were claims of territory. They all appeared to be staking out their domain in preparation for Spring.

God, who made us, also made these birds and formed the complex system by which they operate. How amazing! Knowing this, I wonder, how can we ever doubt God’s goodness and love?! It only takes a few short minutes of observing the birds to know that He is a master of detail.

This should put a lot into perspective when you really stop to consider it. As complex as He made the birds, He made us with that much more precision. And although this complexity contributes to much of our anxiety and confusion on Earth, it shouldn’t. It is this very complexity that should, instead, overwhelm us with wonder and direct out eyes in awe towards the Master Craftsman who created it all.

Each of us are beautifully and uniquely designed in our own right, by a God who cares deeply about every last detail of our lives, even the birds.

A Little Poem I Wrote and Call “I C Emotions”

Pride! I am one of the most

Powerful things on Earth.

I cannot die

Because I did not birth.

I am Transport.

Shame! No one dares come near me

I am one of their worst fears

I made a huge mistake

And caused too many tears

I am Builder.

Regret! All the world is angry

No one is my friend

Ever since I accidentally

put that craft to an end.

I am Captain.

Isolation! Silently alone in the cold

I sit and I wait

Watching for visitors

but loneliness is my fate.

I am Passenger.

Mercy! The sky screams guilt at me

The sea whispers hate

I try to reason with them

But know it is too late

I am Frozen.

Confession! I am just an iceberg

that lives in the Atlantic.

I continue to seek forgiveness

for sinking the Titanic.

Why I Love Writing

To me, writing has always come either in the form of Divine revelation, which floats off the tongue like air, or a purging of the soul, which vomits itself out of the pen and on to paper. Yet both are equally beautiful expressions of self. One being directly from God, the Holy Spirit who lives in us. And the other being indirectly from God, as my earthly mind struggles between what the world tells it and what I know to be True. In either case, writing has always had a spiritual element, which, whether floating or vomiting, ultimately serves to bring me closer to God.

The “Earth” without “Art” is just “Eh”.

 earth art

Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look what happens with a love like that. It lights up the whole sky.

sun in sky