Anxious Thinking

“Don’t let anxious thinking replace vulnerable feelings.”


I think I know why people are uncomfortable with stillness; being alone with the quiet of their mind.

What will my thoughts be? Will I be sad? Judgmental? Angry? Hateful? What if I am tormented by my racing mind? The inevitable underlying fear behind it all remains: Who am I?

But you are not your thoughts. Nor are you your feelings. If you can grasp this truth, you can learn to separate your self from your mind. The freedom that arises from this sort of separation will change your life. You will find that your thoughts are nothing to fear afterall. And more importantly, you will learn the healing power of stillness and the truth about how amazing you are, and have been all along.

The Break Up Poem

Breaking up is hard to do
Especially with a guy like you
Who’s smart and funny
Tender loving
Always tough to say it’s through

I wonder why we started at all
Raising you up, just to let you fall
Silly me, it’s always me
You tried and failed
to climb my wall

Zipper locked and stored away
Not even I know how to play
the game of love with my own heart
I try and try until it falls apart

This time it’s not you, it’s me
No matter how contrite that seems
You, you’ll find the woman of your dreams
And I’m just sorry that it wasn’t me

What Are You Looking For?

What are you looking for?

Whatever you want emotionally, you have to start giving away. Want to find company? Open up to other people.

A Little Poem I Wrote and Call “I C Emotions”

Pride! I am one of the most

Powerful things on Earth.

I cannot die

Because I did not birth.

I am Transport.

Shame! No one dares come near me

I am one of their worst fears

I made a huge mistake

And caused too many tears

I am Builder.

Regret! All the world is angry

No one is my friend

Ever since I accidentally

put that craft to an end.

I am Captain.

Isolation! Silently alone in the cold

I sit and I wait

Watching for visitors

but loneliness is my fate.

I am Passenger.

Mercy! The sky screams guilt at me

The sea whispers hate

I try to reason with them

But know it is too late

I am Frozen.

Confession! I am just an iceberg

that lives in the Atlantic.

I continue to seek forgiveness

for sinking the Titanic.

The Way People Treat You (and others)

Remember that the way people treat you is a statement about who they are as a person. It is not a statement about you.

The Man Box and Marriage

Men are taught for 20 years to “be a man” and control their emotions.  Then we marry one and expect him to learn how to show his emotions over night. Be patient with your man. Undoing something that is 20 years in the making, takes time.