My Debut Music Video

This is a project I have been working on for almost a year. It’s my debut single/music video for my song Safe and Sorry released today. I hope you all enjoy it and please help me to spread the word by sharing it on your own blogs and other social sites, if you like it. I will definitely return the favor for you if you do! Love you all and thanks for being a part of this!!

America’s Obsession with “Success”

A mockery of American culture’s obsession with “Success”. Fair warning: Terrifying facial expressions abound.


My Dad and I Acting Like Total Goofballs

My dad and I acting like total goofballs. I’m so blessed to have him and grateful that we’re so close!

Zac Brown Band Cover

Would love for you all to check out my cover of Zac Brown Band’s “Colder Weather”. Please help me to spread the word if you like it. And thanks in advance for your support!! Happy Friday!! xoxo

If you feel like having a good laugh…

If you feel like a good laugh, watch this video. Ladies, I know y’all can relate!!

10 Lies We Need to Stop Telling Ourselves

If you feel like a good laugh… watch this video

Let me know what you think! I hope this makes you smile! Happy humpday!

How To Say I Love You in Different Languages

You can’t say “I love you” enough to someone whom you truly love. Try changing it up a bit by saying, “I love you” in different languages. This video will teach you how to say “I Love You” in 10 different languages. Surprise and impress your loved one on Valentine’s Day! See below for the full list.

1. Spanish: Te quiero.
2. French: Je t’aime.
3. Russian: Ya tebya lyublyu
4. German: Ich liebe dich.
5. Japanese: Ai shiteru.
6. Chinese: wǒ ài nǐ
7. Icelandic: Ég elska þig.
8. Arabic: ana ah-hib ich (to a female)
ana ah-hib ek (to a male)
9. Hawaiian: Aloha Au Ia ‘Oe
10. Swahili: Nina kupenda

How to Get Rid of A Cold Before It Starts! (Video Tutorial)

I don’t know about you but where I live it has been crazy weather! 70 degrees one day and the next day it’s snowing. In this sort of weather, any one is susceptible to a cold. While the common cold has no known cure, this video will provide you with 5 tried and true ways to stop a cold in its tracks. A video on how to get rid of a cold. Features music by Amy Winehouse – “You Know I’m No Good”
1. Zinc. Zinc is great to boost your immune system and helps to fight your cold.
2. Zen. Rest is extremely important in fighting a cold. No working out allowed! Don’t exhaust yourself.
3. Water. Drink as much water as possible to flush toxins out of your system! Gargling water is also useful.
4. Umcka. Found in homeopathic aisle at your local health food store. Amazing herbal remedy to fight colds!
5. Vitamin C. Emergen C is a concentrated dose of vitamin C that comes in packet form and dissolves in water. Delicious taste. Great for fighting colds!


Free Spirits

Since so many of you loved my original poem, “Free Spirits” from an earlier post, I decided to show you all in video the melody that I hear with the poem. For those of you that missed it, I’ve written the poem again here. Let me know what you think!



Here’s to the free spirits

Who fall in love

Keep their minds wide open

and their heads up.

And though they’re crushed and broken

They’re still fearless and tough

Here’s to the free spirits,

yea, here’s to us!