The Power of Thought

It is written, “The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the spirit is life and peace.” (Romans 8:6)

You are aware of the power of thought. Thoughts affect your mood. They trickle into your everyday reality and change things to fit their existence. Therefore, be careful with your thoughts!

Be careful also of your consumption. As the information you take in can drive your thoughts. Don’t let your mind be distracted by the darkness of this world. You are no longer of this world. I have overcome this world!

Experience has taught you to be wary of others. But My Word is more true than experience. If you are to be the light that I intended for you to be, you must reside in me. Not in this world. And not in your experiences of this world.

My son, Jesus, walked in your shoes. He lived as you do. So I can assure you, I am well aware of the pain and suffering that others can inflict upon you. Justice? Fairness? When you get to where you’re going, and only then, will you experience the justice and fairness that I intended for my people on Earth. But your work here is not yet done.

So in the meantime, reject lies. Reject fear. Reject anxious thoughts and worrying. Lean into me, into truth, into light. That you may be that light to others. It is needed now more than ever. 

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