Always Do Your Best

It’s a guiding life principle with which we’re all familiar: Always do your best.

Of course, your best is a fluid concept. It will be different, for example, after a sleepless night than when you wake up refreshed and energized. The idea is to do your best every day, no matter the quality of it.

But this seems a somewhat daunting task, doesn’t it? I mean, to always do your best feels like an awful lot of pressure.

What if we starting looking at our life through the lens of moments, rather than days?

In this case, we need only do our best in this very moment. Now that doesn’t seem too hard, does it?

If we can commit to doing our best in this moment, that act alone will inherently put us in the best place for the next moment. And on it goes…

2 thoughts on “Always Do Your Best

  1. Like you, I believe that our lens must be clearly focused on doing our best. That only becomes easier after we discern what our personal best looks like, sounds like, feels like. If we can remember a time when we actually did our best, then we can draw upon that strength, that strategy.

    A strategy is composed of steps. We’ve put one foot in front of the other foot. The process may have been fast, but most likely slow, and if not conscious, more difficult to achieve again. That’s why awareness is key.

    If we’ve accomplished it once, we can accomplish it again. Rain, shine, snow, or blow.


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