Sigh. I can relate to this. Can you?

“When I see you, the World stops. It stops and all that exists for me is you and my eyes staring at you. There’s nothing else. No noise, no other people, no thoughts or worries, no yesterday, no tomorrow. The World just stops, and it is a beautiful place, and there is only you.”
― James FreyA Million Little Pieces

One thought on “Sigh. I can relate to this. Can you?

  1. I see you in his eyes, as the light shines through. Not looking at me; simply being that light. The arms that embrace me over and over again. Oneness with all that is. Pure love, complete love, its all right here. In this one moment, nothing else exists, but love. Two hearts beating, yet they are one. Two minds thinking as one. The duality is the illusion. See past to what ‘s real. Where there is one, there is love.


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