Guard Your Thoughts

It is written, “We take every thought captive so that it’s obedient to Christ.” (2 Corinthians 10:5)

I love when you sit in My presence. Soaking up all that I offer you, rather than focusing on your to-do list. What I have to offer is far more important than your daily, weekly, or even monthly tasks. What I offer is eternal and bleeds into all of your to-do’s. Everyone and everything around you is blessed when you’ve taken the time to fill up on me.

Likewise, when you keep your eyes focused on me throughout the day, such blessings can continue to flow through you and all that you do.

Guard your thoughts. The mind is the devil’s playground. He will use it to harm you and others, and to distract you from My will. So hold every thought accountable. Is it true? Is it good? Is it from Me? If not, let it go.

In this way, you’ll be better able to accomplish the plans I have for you. Which may be different from what you initially think.


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