It is written, “Teach them to do everything I have commanded you. And remember, that I am with you until the end of time.” (Matthew 28:20)

Precious child, I am always with you. When you’re present, you’re aware of this. You can sense it. My presence, actively working in you and through you.

Being present doesn’t just ease the burden on you, but it also opens the door for me to reach others through you. Indeed, your gifts are meant to be shared. How, when, and where is up to me. So cease striving! And watch in awe as my power is at work in your life.

Do not be seduced by the ways of the world. The overworking and the busyness. This is not my way. I can do far more through you than you could ever accomplish on your own.

So go forth, and carry my presence with you like a light that shines into the lives of those around you. A light that can be seen in all the fruits of your labor.


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