Business as Creativity

“I find business – it’s a cliche – absolutely as creative as anything. Business creates ideas. Around something as dry as a boardroom meeting there can be a confluence of ideas that creates and promotes more ideas.” – Terence Conran

Indeed, business is just as creative as songwriting, albeit not as personal. While the idea behind the business is often personal, the business plan itself is not.

One thought on “Business as Creativity

  1. OK yeah. Of course I agree with you. Business is just as creative as songwriting. I wonder if people realize it though. Most people would rather write the songs, as opposed to running the business. That seems hard, and boring, and not creative at all.

    Having been a business owner myself, I know how creative I had to get in order to wow my clients and customers. I had two businesses. I also had to pay employees every week, so yeah I had to be creative.

    I did try a brainstorming meeting one time where my employees were encouraged to make creative suggestions. That didn’t work at all though. So, absolutely…I was the creative entity that kept business matters afloat.


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