Highs and Lows

Why is it that when things are going good we worry that at any second they could go bad…yet, when things are going bad, we forget that at any second things could turn good?

Highs and lows are an inherent part of life’s cyclical nature. By now, we’re acutely aware of this. So why are we still trying to change this basic, natural law?

Why would we want to disrupt the flow of life?

There is no cure for highs and lows. We cannot “fix” it. And who are we to say it needs fixing in the first place?

If we can stop trying to escape the inevitable alternation of pleasure and pain, we can simply relax and be fully present for the wonder that is our lives.

2 thoughts on “Highs and Lows

  1. I know someone very dear to my heart, that suffers with some type [doctors don’t know which] of auto-immune syndrome. He often has good days, except for the fact that he literally sits and waits for the bad, to return!

    I wonder if he’s EVER secretly just content with his moments of release from pain. I suspect he may. Perhaps, when he’s alone in his own head [no questions]…he just may!



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