The Problem with The New Age

The problem with New Age Spirituality is that it whispers we can be gods. It plays on our desire to be able to count on ourselves, carve our own paths, and determine our own futures.

No doubt, it alludes to God, and offers reasonable tribute to God in the way of time, attention, and love but, ultimately, New Age Spirituality says these things are ours, not His.

The New Age suggests that we are nouns, when in fact we are, and always will be, simply adjectives.

The Big Bang Theory

If you’re going to convince me that a printing press explodes and creates Shakespeare…

big bang

You need to at least be able to tell me how it exploded.

Do Opposites Attract?

Do opposites attract? I’d say yes. An old theory suggests that we’re biologically drawn toward the partner who will color in the dull spots of our own genetic code. In other words, when opposites attract, essentially they’re biologically coming together to combine genes and create the perfect offspring. An interesting theory…

What is your experience with it?