Walking Away

“If someone is not treating you with love and respect, it is a gift if they walk away from you. If that person doesn’t walk away, you will surely endure many years of suffering with him or her.

Walking away may hurt for a while, but your heart will eventually heal. Then you can choose what you really want.

You will find that you don’t need to trust others as much as you need to trust yourself to make the right choices.”

-Don Miguel Ruiz

An Artist’s Dilemma (A Poem)

I avoid writing like I would the plague.
I know once I start I can’t stop.
And all I want is a nice movie playing
But conduits are conduits, like it or not.

Am I making any sense to you?
Or am I writing for myself again?
Maybe if I just press this remote…
I’ll find a show to distract myself
And once I stop struggling, I float.


In the Wake of Struggles

Be careful of short-term thinking – your struggles will not last forever, but you will. You still have your destiny.

The Best Things: Head vs. Heart

The best things, they cant be captured. To try is fleeting. They flutter around like butterflies, here one minute gone the next. An ever elusive bunch of things. And when we grasp for them, we miss.


Still, the brain struggles to catch moments, to hold them like hostages in memory and describe them later with words.


But this is what we have hearts for. Our hearts get it. Our hearts know that the best things, can’t be described with mere words. They must be felt. Our hearts know that these things weren’t meant to be captured or even understood, only appreciated.