Why We Must Be Saved

What’s flesh is flesh.

You can’t save your corrupted flesh through the efforts of your own corrupted flesh.

And sin kills.

That’s why we need Something bigger than ourselves to save us.

Identity in Your Idols

What do you find your identity in?

If you want to know, just ask yourself, “What am I most afraid of losing?”

In the answer, you’ll find your idol. In that idol, you find your identity.

Bless the Poor

The Christian God is the only one who blesses the poor. All other religions bless the strong. But Jesus died in shame and weakness– OUR shame and weakness! Therefore, God didn’t save us by strength, He saved us through weakness. This is why He blesses the poor and weak.

For some reason, I love this…

“…you were saved not in order to live…you have little time you must give testimony.

Be courageous when the mind deceives you, be courageous. In the final account, only this is important.

Beware, however, of unnecessary pride. Keep looking at your clown’s face in the mirror. Repeat: I was called- weren’t there better ones than I…”

-Zbigniew Herbert, from “The Envoy of Mr. Cogito”