Creativity by James Taylor

divine inspiration

The other night I turned on the television and Oprah’s Master Class was on. It’s one of my favorite shows. She was interviewing music icon James Taylor.

As I watched, I heard the singer/songwriter describe his experience with creativity and one comment stood out above the rest. He said, “When I’m writing music, I never really see myself as the writer of this song. It’s more like I’m just the first person to hear it.”

What James is describing perfectly captures the spiritual element of creativity which I find so fascinating.

To truly create, we must be fully present. When we’re fully present, we’re closest to God, as God only exists in the Present. God is the present (moment), and as we access it, He gives us the gift of inspiration. So when we’re engaged in the creative process, we’re actually receiving gifts from God, the Divine Creator. Our only duty then, becomes to share those gifts.