Tread Carefully

There is no way of knowing which of our actions will forever have things hanging on them. And so, we tread carefully.

Alas, how innocent we are of our own mistakes and how responsible we are for them, also.

A Poem I Wrote at Age 12

Found this in an old journal of mine and thought it was kind of sweet. It portrays a wise insight told from the eyes of an innocent, inquisitive, and observant little girl (me;).


If all size is, is a number

that helps us choose which jeans to buy

then why does it matter so?

I mean why has it caused people to get sick

or sometimes even die

when their real size will never show?

If it’s a guy or friend

who’s telling you your weight is wrong

Then you definitely do not need them

Walk away, be strong.

So tell me if you would,

exactly what does size mean?

Is it the way people judge us?

Or the number on our jeans?

Now life is short

and bodies weren’t made to hate.

So please don’t let life pass you

because you’re worrying about your weight.