I am Here

It is written, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)

My precious child, why are you restless? Don’t you know I hold you by your right hand?

Don’t you know that I am near to you, even when you cannot sense me?

Perhaps the world is distracting you. No matter, I am here.

Perhaps time feels as though it’s speeding up, faster than you can keep pace. No matter, I am here.

I am here no matter your circumstances. No matter what’s going on in your relationships, at work, or at home. I am here.

When other people fail you, and they will, I am.

When you fail others, or yourself, and you will, I am.

Don’t you see, child? I am constant.
Nothing on Earth nor in heaven can separate you from My love. It’s all around you. It’s within you. It engulfs you and swallows you. Whether or not you take notice, it exists all the same.

I exist all the same. I am.

I AM (A Poem)

Though I’m saddened when you make mistakes,
My heart is joyful when you seek My face.
For I did not come to help the morally right,
but the fallen and broken are dear in My sight.
The closer you come to Me,
the closer I AM.
Though distractions are plenty,
so is My hand…
Reaching out for you daily,
My peace is there for the taking
So if you’re tired of waiting
come find rest in I AM.

Conversation with God – NOW

Dear Child of Mine,

Stay present. Now is all you have. Don’t you see that the present is all that exists? It is where you find Me. It is where you find True Life. I am.

Do you not know that I am with you always? I am guiding your every step. Even when your fallen mind becomes distracted and begins to wander from Me, I will not let you go too far.

You are never lost. You are home. You are here. With Me. Now.

When you need to be reminded of this, come sit in My Presence, just as you are. It is good to stay grounded. I have everything under control and you are exactly where I intend for you to be.

So enjoy this moment, love the ones you’re with, and share The Good News about Me. It is really that simple.

You all complicated things when you introduced time. Have you forgotten that I am Timeless? Where I exist there is no time.

I am here with you, now and forever. Now, won’t you stay here with Me?