What It’s Like to Be a Writer

A funny description of what it’s like to be a writer by fellow author Donald Miller.


“Writers don’t make any money at all. We make about a dollar. It is terrible. But then again we don’t work either. We sit around in our underwear until noon then go downstairs and make coffee, fry some eggs, read the paper, read part of a book, smell the book, wonder if perhaps we ourselves should work on our book, smell the book again, throw the book across the room because we are quite jealous that any other person wrote a book, feel terribly guilty about throwing the schmuck’s book across the room because we secretly wonder if God in heaven noticed our evil jealousy, or worse, our laziness. We then lie across the couch facedown and mumble to God to forgive us because we are secretly afraid He is going to dry up all our words because we envied another man’s stupid words. And for this, as I said, we are paid a dollar. We are worth so much more.”

I Must Say…

I must say, as a blogger

…if following advice were half as easy as giving it, this world would be a much better place.

Mk. That’s all. 🙂

Do Better, Dads

These days people seem to think that if a man provides his family with food and shelter (and doesn’t hurt them), then he’s a good father. possum

Possums provide their children with food and shelter! Is that really the bar we’ve set for fatherhood?!  Do Better, Dads.

Women vs. Men

Women worry about men forgetting things. Men worry about women remembering things.

Happy Friday!

If Britney Spears can get through 2007, you can get through today. 🙂


Wisdom from My Doctor’s Office

Found this little quote painted on the wall of my doctor’s office. I love it.

“Doctors are people who prescribe medicine of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.”

Humility is priceless.