The Break Up Poem

Breaking up is hard to do
Especially with a guy like you
Who’s smart and funny
Tender loving
Always tough to say it’s through

I wonder why we started at all
Raising you up, just to let you fall
Silly me, it’s always me
You tried and failed
to climb my wall

Zipper locked and stored away
Not even I know how to play
the game of love with my own heart
I try and try until it falls apart

This time it’s not you, it’s me
No matter how contrite that seems
You, you’ll find the woman of your dreams
And I’m just sorry that it wasn’t me

A Personal Post on Love and Loss

It’s a strange thing when you start to feel better after thinking you never would. It’s even stranger when you want to love again after losing the love of your life. A part of you says, “No, you can’t! It’d be a betrayal.” But another part of you, the better part of you, screams, “Yes! Live again! Love again!”

Truth is, he is the love of my life. And that will never change. But he is the love of that life. No doubt in my mind he was the soul mate for that me. But when you lose someone who is the most important part of your life, your world changes. And so do you. Inevitably and irreversibly, you’re not the same person you were.  And now I understand, there’s going to be another perfect person for the new me. Another love of my new life.  And that person will in no way undermine his position in my heart.

Some people only get to live one life, but I’ve been given two. Perhaps, as we each navigate this world and our relationships, we can all see it as a new life each time we cycle round and round.

Finally, I realize there is no better way to honor him and our love then by embracing my new life and finding a new person to love. I am ready.


Heartbreak Hero

Heartbreak Hero

       Come take my lovin’ away

       Heartbreak Hero

       Won’t you fly in and save the day

       Never know when you’re coming

       Never know how long you’ll stay

       You’re my heartbreak hero

Couldn’t have you any other way


A Poem on Loss

A poem on loss. For all those who have lost someone you love and wondered if you will ever get to see them again.

“I Simply Can’t Be Convinced”

 I can’t be convinced I won’t see him again.

I simply can’t be convinced.

I feel him all around me

His very breath awakens my sixth sense.

I wonder when you’re so entwined

And someone you love passes through

If a part of them stays left behind

Running like veins inside of you

Not only is he all around me,

Stitching my wounds with his personal thread

He’s watching me as I sleep soundly,

Filling my dreams and emptying my head.

I know that I can’t see him

I understand that he’s no longer here

But by God did I believe him

When he said, “I’ll see you soon, my dear.”

The last words that we spoke in person

But our souls whisper every day

I just close my eyes

See his face

Hear his voice



It’s Okay Not to be Okay

It’s okay not to be okay. You don’t have to be happy all the time. Life isn’t going to be a nonstop joyride. Allow yourself to feel pain. Sit with it. It’s okay to have a broken heart or hurt feelings. It’s okay to be scared or anxious. All of this is part of life. A beautiful, tragic, and adventurous life.

A Poem: “Your Love is Mean”

Your love is mean

Your love is mean

But you mean so much to me

How can it be?

Your lies, deceit

Your love is mean.

Can’t you see

just what I mean?

Why it’s your love I don’t need

Still you remain inside of me

Your love is mean.

A Time for Healing

There will come a time when you’ll see clearly again; tears will no longer blur your eyes and love will no longer break your heart. Trust in this.

Broken Hearts

It’s a good sign, having a broken heart.. It means we’ve tried for something.

Advice on Life

Life becomes a lot easier when you learn to accept apologies that you haven’t gotten.

Paul Walker Memorial

tyrese and paul

Tyrese Gibson wrote in a Facebook message regarding Paul Walker, “I will keep your energy with me forever.” I think this is a beautiful testament to their friendship and sums up the aftermath of a loss. When you lose someone who you thought you would always have, the great fear is that they are now gone forever. You desperately want to keep their memory alive, to hold some part of them with you for the rest of your years. Truth is, the death of a loved one doesn’t mean that they’re completely gone. They live on in the hearts of those who love them. Just as Tyrese said. The loss of a loved one runs through you like a thread. Their very being becomes stitched with your own. It is perhaps the closest you can get to a person in this life. Ah yes, grief does not change you, it reveals you.