Creativity by James Taylor

divine inspiration

The other night I turned on the television and Oprah’s Master Class was on. It’s one of my favorite shows. She was interviewing music icon James Taylor.

As I watched, I heard the singer/songwriter describe his experience with creativity and one comment stood out above the rest. He said, “When I’m writing music, I never really see myself as the writer of this song. It’s more like I’m just the first person to hear it.”

What James is describing perfectly captures the spiritual element of creativity which I find so fascinating.

To truly create, we must be fully present. When we’re fully present, we’re closest to God, as God only exists in the Present. God is the present (moment), and as we access it, He gives us the gift of inspiration. So when we’re engaged in the creative process, we’re actually receiving gifts from God, the Divine Creator. Our only duty then, becomes to share those gifts.

We’re Not Here to Find Love

We’re not here to “find love”. We already have it. It fills our entire being.

We’re here to use our gifts and talents to do God’s work.

And when we approach life in this way, the love within us becomes like an overflowing river.

Fix your problems by forgetting they’re problems

We fix our problems by forgetting that they’re problems and reminding ourselves that they’re actually gifts.

Be Grateful

I’ve given you a gift and you so deserve it, Child.

You’ve taken the gift and given it back to me. You are wise for this. For only a fool keeps my gifts for himself.

By giving it back to me, I will increase its fortitude and magnitude tenfold. I will multiply your gifts and shower you with more blessings because I have seen you are a good receiver and you are grateful.

When Life Lessons Come Full Circle: A Personal Story

I’m an over achiever and a go getter. There’s a frantic, nitpicky air coursing through most of what I do. When I lived in Los Angeles, I shared an apartment with a wonderful free spirit. We contrasted well with her calming, almost floating presence.

I’ll never forget when she turned to me one day and asked, in her innocent, purely curiosity driven way, “What are you going to do when you’ve done it all?”

At the time, her question bounced right off me. Back then, fresh out of college, the only beatings I endured were from myself and generally, I saw no limits to what I could achieve.

Ironically (though probably not), she was the very person with me 2.5 years ago, when my world came crashing down around me. And although we no longer live together in Los Angeles, her question has haunted me throughout the years.

Today, 29 months and numerous universe inflicted battle wounds later, her words ring more powerful than ever.

While I’m still an over achiever and go getter, I now understand and appreciate the gifts of grace and presence, agents of change that my former LA roommate wisely knew all along.

Fear Based Obedience

It is not long before fear based obedience becomes self loathing rebellion.

Be gift driven, not guilt driven.

Our Mission

Our mission is this: Use your strengths (gifts) to make your weaknesses known. And by doing so, you make God known.

We’re Blessed

Most of us agree: we’re blessed. Our lives are full of good things like family, friendship, love, career, success, money, food, music, nature and on and on. But let us remember these good things for what they are: gifts. Rather than clinging to or obsessing over any of these gifts, may we instead cling to and become obsessed with the Giver of all good gifts.


Sabbath and Tithe

The Sabbath and Tithe are not duties, as most people tend to think. They are privileges – gifts from God to remind you that you are not Him! A time for you to stop trying so hard and let God multiply all of your hard work.

Patient Prayer

People usually know what they want but rarely do they know if they’re ready for it. They pray to God for things and then wonder whether He’s been listening at all when they don’t get them right away. I can assure you, God hears your prayers. He knows the desires of your heart and also when you are ready to receive them. When you are ready, your prayers will be answered. His timing is perfect.