Our Mission

Our mission is this: Use your strengths (gifts) to make your weaknesses known. And by doing so, you make God known.

Self Love Vs. God’s Love

The problem is not lack of love for ourselves. The problem is lack of belief in God’s love for us.

God Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

I think a lot of people aren’t Christians because they’re looking for something rational. And they believe that all things that are true are rational. But that’s not the case. Love, for example, is true but not rational. It can’t be scientifically proven, yet all of us have felt it. Same with beauty, and light… Plenty of things are true that don’t make sense. God doesn’t have to make sense to be true. God makes no more sense to me, then I would to an ant…And yet He is the only Truth I know for certain.

Christians Need Not Be Concerned with Success or Failure

Success and failure are Master words, meaning they are to be decided and defined by the Master. As Christians, we are not our own masters and thus need not be concerned with words such as “Success” or “Failure” in the worldly sense. But Faithfulness, now that is our concern as stewards.

Think of it this way, God doesn’t need you or your talents. He can do more with one act of faithfulness than you can do in 10,000 lifetimes.

Success in life, then, is simply idenitifying what God has called you to and being completely faithful in it.

Whenever One Door Closes I Hope One More Opens


Holes in walls that offer us a way out. Or a way in.

So many questions come with doors.

What if it’s unlocked? What if it’s locked? What if no one answers? What if someone does? What if…

What if…

You never know with doors. They always come with that beautiful, humbling thing called chance.

Forever Young

Ah, yes. Youth.

People fight for it, live for it, die for it. What is our obsession with youth?

I would argue the value of youth is something we know instinctively.

For where there is youth, there is hope…

Where there is hope, there is wonder…

Where there is wonder, there is faith…

Where there is faith, there is chance…

Where there is chance, there is love…

Ah, yes. Alas, love.

We fight for it, live for it, die for it. And rightfully so.

How Much Do You Trust Me? -God

Tonight God asked me, “How much do you trust me?”

“A lot,” I said.

He laughed, as He often does, “OK. But do you trust me enough?”

He continued, “Enough to stop worrying about time and how much of it you have? Have you not seen how my timing is perfect? Enough to stop obsessing over your to do list? What if I have better things for you to do? When you pray to me ‘Jesus, take the wheel’, do you really mean it? Will you let me? Do you trust me enough to lay your head on the pillow at night without your mind racing? Will you accept my offering of peace? Will you find your rest in me?”

I sat, once again, dumbfounded in His presence.

“You say you trust me ‘alot’ but is it enough?”

God Loves You

You don’t have to be good at being good for God to love you. It’s not about trying, but trusting. It’s not about your success in doing, but your faith in what has been done.

10 Lies We Need to Stop Telling Ourselves

Jesus Chose You First

It’s amazing to think about it. Jesus chose you first. He chooses you and then, you choose Him. God puts the Holy Spirit inside of you and then, in a moment of miraculous grace, He gives you the faith to call out to Him. And thus, begins your life long (and life altering) relationship with God.

Let’s not forget how it is in this way that we came to be in relationship with God. When you acknowledge this, you begin to grasp the depth of His love for you. You are chosen by God! Unconditionally loved by Him. You are special. Dwell in that. Let God be your valentine.