Fear Based Obedience

It is not long before fear based obedience becomes self loathing rebellion.

Be gift driven, not guilt driven.


Out of fear of not doing enough, I’ve driven myself to do too much, hurting others in my path. Jesus, take the wheel.

Thought for the Day

Yes, pursuing your dreams is hard. Especially if your dream has to do with changing the world. But here is my answer to any negative thinking you may struggle with when it comes to your dreams being “out of reach”, “far fetched”, “impossible”, or “simply too difficult”…


If you’re ambitious and passionate about your dream, than why let negative thinking hold you back? If you’re blessed with a dream that drives you forward, why stand still in fear? I guess my question is… if you’re not qualified, than who is? Or more importantly, if you don’t do it, than who will?