The Dreamers and Visionaries

“The visionaries and dreamers of the world are the driving force behind it. These are the inventors, artists, philosophers, educators, business people, designers, scientists, leaders, and so on…

The world lives in their ideas and ways and it cannot let their ideas die fruitlessly.

The world is beautiful because of the dreamers and visionaries.”

I am Wealth. I am Abundance. I am Joy. 

The Music Business

It’s the music business. You pour your heart out to people and then wait for their response. Sometimes they eat you alive…so if you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen. But sometimes, they love every bit of you. And during those times, all of the hard work and heartbreak is worth it because there’s no better feeling than to be loved and appreciated for the realest, purest form of you- your heart.

Chase Your Dreams

dolphin with text 2

To the writers…

A story well told can put you in rooms never occupied.

Good Night

“May you fall asleep in the arms of a dream,

so beautiful,

you’ll wake up crying.”

-Michael Fandet

Thought for the Day

Yes, pursuing your dreams is hard. Especially if your dream has to do with changing the world. But here is my answer to any negative thinking you may struggle with when it comes to your dreams being “out of reach”, “far fetched”, “impossible”, or “simply too difficult”…


If you’re ambitious and passionate about your dream, than why let negative thinking hold you back? If you’re blessed with a dream that drives you forward, why stand still in fear? I guess my question is… if you’re not qualified, than who is? Or more importantly, if you don’t do it, than who will?