Dating After Divorce – A Poem (From the Child’s Perspective)

My dad is dating again
She’s more than a friend
I know it by the light in his eyes

He asked if I’d meet her
But I don’t want to see her
She’s not my mother, surprise

He says he’s lonely
And rightfully so,
Nothing is lonelier
Than 30 years without hope

The worst kind of loneliness
while you’re not alone
But with the one you love most
And still nobody’s home.

I do want him happy
But who could possibly deserve him?
I feel protective
I mean, what if she hurts him?

I feel jealous
I want his love for me only
But then I feel sad
Because I don’t want him lonely

Too soon to meet her
Too soon, I say
But when does too soon
become a little too late?

“Whenever you’re ready.”
The questions I face
When is the time ever right
To meet your dad’s date?