The Good Thing About Pain

The good thing about pain is that it breaks down the walls of your ego, tones back relentless ambitions, and forces you into the present – enhancing your awareness of and appreciation for all of the people in your life. As it is through and with these people, that you can once again experience moments of joy.

Good Night

“May you fall asleep in the arms of a dream,

so beautiful,

you’ll wake up crying.”

-Michael Fandet

I’ve seen a baby cry, and then seconds later she laughed. The beauty of life: the pain never lasts. 

The Value of Tears

I used to be scared of tears. I thought tears meant weakness, an inability to deal with life’s hardships. But one cannot know the supreme value of tears until he has cried his weight in them. It is then that we realize their beauty, strength, and power. Tears are a gift from God. The healing shower to our soul. 


These days I cry at the drop of a hat. There’s no shame in my tears. Crying is a beautiful thing. Where there are tears, there is love.