If God were small enough to be understood, He would not be big enough to be worshipped.

Unity First

When it comes to the issues of conscientiousness in the Bible, for example alcohol, use of profanity, piercings, tattoos ect, I believe you ought to develop your own convictions about these things, and then try your very best not to offend anyone else’s.

Afterall, it’s not about the laws or how well you keep them, but about what God has already done for you, through his son Jesus Christ, and what He continues to do in your heart today.

In short, find unity around Jesus and don’t let that unity be divided by something secondary.

How Much Do You Trust Me? -God

Tonight God asked me, “How much do you trust me?”

“A lot,” I said.

He laughed, as He often does, “OK. But do you trust me enough?”

He continued, “Enough to stop worrying about time and how much of it you have? Have you not seen how my timing is perfect? Enough to stop obsessing over your to do list? What if I have better things for you to do? When you pray to me ‘Jesus, take the wheel’, do you really mean it? Will you let me? Do you trust me enough to lay your head on the pillow at night without your mind racing? Will you accept my offering of peace? Will you find your rest in me?”

I sat, once again, dumbfounded in His presence.

“You say you trust me ‘alot’ but is it enough?”

You Can’t Take Someone Down From Their Own Cross



It’s hard to see someone you love in pain. It’s an instinct of love, I think, to want to help the other. But who are we to say pain is a bad thing?

You can spend hours, days, weeks, or even years trying to help your loved one heal. But you have to protect yourself in the process because you alone, of course, cannot heal them. You can’t take someone down from their own cross.