What to Do in Times of Crisis

Sometimes the only right decision is to stop making decisions.

When we’re in a state of crisis, we often try to fix things with certainty. We want answers.

But this state of being is akin to quicksand: The harder we try to climb our way out, the lower we sink. The only way to survive is to make no sudden movements, to get comfortable with the discomfort, and to find peace without answers.

We can never glimpse the end of a path, but if we squint hard enough, we can see the next step. We squint by being still and quiet for a few minutes every day, through prayer.

We ignore the big decisions, knowing that they’ll make themselves, and we focus on the small ones. The ones right in front of us.

Crisis comes from the word meaning “to sift”. During times of crisis, if we let it all fall away, we’re left with what matters. What matters most cannot be taken away.

And maybe what we don’t know, we’re not supposed to know yet. More will be revealed. So we just do the next right thing, one thing at a time.

Target Zombies

Before I heard about the Target security breach, I went to the store all the time for groceries. Other than grocery shopping, I do my best to avoid Target because it has always struck me as a bit creepy. Whenever I’m in the store I feel as though I’m trapped in a maze. I can never seem to find what I’m looking for without first wandering through various aisles of distractions. I notice fellow Target shoppers seem to be the same way.

The people of Target don’t remind me of shoppers so much as they do zombies. Their eyes are invariably glazed over, and rather than looking forward, they’re glancing around incessantly at the bombardment of sale and clearance items, which they reluctantly add to their cart as if by force rather than will. I kid you not, every time I’m in Target I see at least two such zombies accidentally run into one another, too distracted to even notice the other’s presence.

This frightens me because in a world full of beautiful strangers in which we’re all fighting the same battles with different demons, we can’t afford to miss eachother. For some, a few hours at target may be the only human interaction they have all day. The fact that this interaction is primarily characterized by mindlessly passing eachother is just plain sad. People fear the security breach will stop a lot of people from shopping at Target this holiday season, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.