“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” – Socrates


And know the difference between being busy and being hurried. We are always in hurry when we’re not doing the one thing that we should be doing.

Beware of Your Strengths

Beware of your strengths because those are the places you are most likely to forget God.

God doesn’t want to put your talents on display, because that won’t help anybody. He wants to put His power on display through your weaknesses. If dependence is the objective, than weakness is the advantage.

Where has God made you weak?

Beware of Narcissists

 Some people only care about themselves. The only time they care about you is when you fit into the image that they’ve already constructed of themselves.Watch out for these people. Ego maniacs and narcissists can’t form real relationships. No amount of love on your part will change that.