To love other people, you must encourage them. To encourage them, you must BELIEVE in them. Here is an acronym taken from John C. Maxwell in his book Relationships 101.

Believe in them before they succeed.

Emphasize their strengths.

List their past successes.

Instill confidence when they fail.

Experience some wins together.

Visualize their future success.

Expect a new level of living.

It’s Not Enough to Believe in Jesus

You say that you believe in Jesus. But that’s not enough. Even the demons believe in Jesus.

It is your faith that makes the difference. Surrendering your soul to Him, and clinging to Him for your life.

Belief without such full surrender is demonic faith. And those with demonic faith will end with a demonic fate.

Self Love Vs. God’s Love

The problem is not lack of love for ourselves. The problem is lack of belief in God’s love for us.

God Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

I think a lot of people aren’t Christians because they’re looking for something rational. And they believe that all things that are true are rational. But that’s not the case. Love, for example, is true but not rational. It can’t be scientifically proven, yet all of us have felt it. Same with beauty, and light… Plenty of things are true that don’t make sense. God doesn’t have to make sense to be true. God makes no more sense to me, then I would to an ant…And yet He is the only Truth I know for certain.