A Woman being pursued is most beautiful

Have you ever noticed how a woman is most beautiful when she’s being pursued? When she’s falling in love…

This is because that’s when a woman’s most important questions are being answered. At the core of every woman are the questions of, “Am I beautiful? Am I captivating? Am I worth fighting for?”

When a woman is being pursued, she lights up from inside because her questions are being answered. Yes, you are beautiful, captivating, and worth fighting for!

Think of Toula in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. When Ian finds her and begins to romance her, she comes alive. There’s a new shimmer in her eyes and her beauty begins to radiates from within.

Contrastingly, when a woman feels unloved and not worth pursuing, her inner light dims. She goes about her days hiding her innate beauty, believing that she’s not beautiful or worth it.

What if we could have this glow that comes from our most important questions being answered, regardless of our circumstances?

We can.

In fact, as women, we’re supposed to.

We were designed to be beautiful, radiating, captivating, and worth pursuing.

And guess what? The God of angel’s armies is totally and completely in love with us. He’s pursuing us everyday. He thinks we’re captivating, beautiful and worth fighting for.

The Creator of the universe has already answered all of our most important questions!

If we can truly understand and internalize this truth, then we become free to share our beauty with the world and our inner radiance will never go dull again.

Women of the world, we’re beautiful.



Self-acceptance is a way of viewing oneself compassionately, without condemning or justifying yourself. It is the starting point in life that opens the door to all other things.

A Whole New World

What if we began to look at the world around us with the eyes of a child? Bright, curious, and wide open with wonder.

child eyes

Would the world we see be different? Would we?

I recently decided to carry out an experiment of my own by observing normal every day objects, with the sense of raw wonder at which children are best.

You can read my observations below. However, I can tell you that what I learned, at the very least, is that approaching the world with awe leads to greater appreciation for your surroundings. And we know from science that greater appreciation directly and positively correlates with a happier life, and improves over-all well being.

The point is, with gratitude comes deep joy. When we begin to look for the beauty and creativity in normal every day objects that we would otherwise over look, it becomes evident that opportunities for joy and inspiration exist all around us. And what we look for, we find.


red tree

It’s fall here and tomorrow it will be winter. The leaves have turned a deep red. As if they’re bleeding over the loss of one season while simultaneously preparing for the next. There is always opportunity in loss. And this tree knows. Despite the changes, it stands tall and firm. Steady and unshaken. It trusts, in itself and the world, that there is more to come. That its story is not yet finished.



Perhaps it has always been right here. Its position unobstructed by changing surroundings. Unnaturally white and large for its atmosphere, it basks in the sunlight and waits. It glimmers in hopes of catching the eyes of those passing by, as if it’s trying to give us a gift. Oh the stories this rock has to tell, if only it could speak. Perhaps it was brought here by man. No doubt perplexed by the reason for its relocation, but nevertheless accepting of its new role. People step on it, creatures use it for shelter, and some days it isn’t used at all. But it’s still there. It’s confident enough to just be.



Or how about this flower. It doesn’t care that I don’t know its proper name. It doesn’t even mind that it stands virtually alone. One of the few plants in the area blooming as others die off. It happily continues to grow, so it won’t be like the rest. As long as it’s growing, it’s alive. And this flower most certainly enjoys being alive. As I watch, the wind grows stronger and the flower begins to sway. The two appear to be working together. The wind makes music so the flower can dance. It doesn’t seem to mind that it has no audience. It dances anyway. A carefree flower, no doubt.

I hope that these observations have inspired you to approach the world with a new pair of eyes. Or rather, to see the world with your own eyes, as they once were when you were a child. Doing so truly does open us up to a whole new world.

A Light From Within

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within. – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

5 Beauty Products No Woman Should Be Without (Some of These May Surprise You)

It has been reported that women spend nearly $426 billion on beauty products alone every year. That’s over a billion dollars a day! Imagine how much you could save with the use of a little creativity. Did you know some of the best beauty products are fairly cheap and can double in their uses? There’s no need to spend all your time scouring the isles for your makeup and hair needs, or rushing out to buy the latest and greatest marketed beauty wonder. Simply stock up on the items in this list, and begin to enjoy saving. These five beauty products are things that no woman should be without. In fact, chances are, you may already own a few of these items and you just have yet to take advantage of all of their benefits. Vaseline

1. Vaseline. Most people know that Vaseline makes for excellent chapstick. It’s one of the purest forms of moisturizer. But did you know that you can use Vaseline on your nails to prevent those painful hangnails? Or how about around your eyes before bed to avoid those pesky wrinkles? My friend’s mom is over fifty years old, with no wrinkles or fine lines on her face. She swears by her nightly Vaseline routine. Forget nail cure formulas and anti wrinkle night creams, good ole Vaseline works better than any one of those.

Witch Hazel

2. Witch Hazel. The label says use for relief of minor skin irritations, cuts, scrapes, and insect bites. But did you know it makes for an excellent toner? Use Witch Hazel as part of your daily facial skincare routine and watch its magic unfold. Witch Hazel serves as the perfect balanced toner, getting the job done of tightening your pores and removing oil, without drying out your skin. It can also be used to heal damaged skin from too much sun exposure and soothe razor burn! The best part? It’s only $3.19 for a 16oz bottle at Walmart!

tea tree oil

3. Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is a little known beauty secret that serves in a variety of ways. It’s great for getting rid of acne, scars, and just about any other pesky skin blemish you can think of. I have even heard that this little magic oil can get rid of warts when used consistently! You can find it at your local natural health food store. Just be sure you buy the organic kind, as many brands have tried to rip it off.

Manuka Honey

4. Manuka Honey. Though it’s on the pricier side for a jar of honey, this stuff is so worth it! Spread the honey over your face and leave it on for ten minutes as a mask. When you wash it off, your face will feel younger, fresher, and healthier almost instantly. The power lies in Manuka Honey’s antibacterial agents. These same properties make Manuka Honey an effective treatment for wounds, infections, and stomach aches. This honey is also great at fighting colds and sore throats. Simply stir one spoonful of Manuka honey into your tea or hot lemon drink, and stop the cold dead in its tracks.

Apple Cider Vinegar

5. Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar is one thing that you should always have in the house. Not only does it work to shorten the duration of colds when mixed with a glass of orange juice or warm water, but you can also take shots of this solution throughout the day for an instant, natural boost of energy. The vinegar can also be used as a rinse after shampooing to dramatically increase your hair’s shine. You can rub it on your teeth and rinse to help remove stains. The uses for Apple Cider Vinegar are endless. Basically, this miracle product is effective for just about anything- your hair, skin, health. It’s certainly one thing that no home should be without.


God – The Master Craftsman


This morning as I was walking my dog before work, I had a moment of clarity and awe that I want to now share with you.

The weather is getting warmer here and the birds were out in full force this morning. It occurred to me just how complex their way of being is. Together, they formed a cacophony of sounds which I can only assume were claims of territory. They all appeared to be staking out their domain in preparation for Spring.

God, who made us, also made these birds and formed the complex system by which they operate. How amazing! Knowing this, I wonder, how can we ever doubt God’s goodness and love?! It only takes a few short minutes of observing the birds to know that He is a master of detail.

This should put a lot into perspective when you really stop to consider it. As complex as He made the birds, He made us with that much more precision. And although this complexity contributes to much of our anxiety and confusion on Earth, it shouldn’t. It is this very complexity that should, instead, overwhelm us with wonder and direct out eyes in awe towards the Master Craftsman who created it all.

Each of us are beautifully and uniquely designed in our own right, by a God who cares deeply about every last detail of our lives, even the birds.

How To Do A Sock Bun Without A Sock

Quick, easy to follow, step by step tutorial on how to do a sock bun without a sock. Easy updo for all hair types! Look glamorous in no time with The Sock Bun ( without a sock )!



Playa Tamarindo at Sunset

Playa Tamarindo at Sunset

Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica. I recently returned from a trip to Playa Tamarindo. It was my first time in Costa Rica. The beauty was breathtaking. This picture was shot on an iPhone 5. Can you believe it?

You Are Beautiful

“She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines. She was beautiful, for the way she thought. She was beautiful, for that sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was beautiful, for her ability to make other people smile even if she was sad. No, she wasn’t beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She was beautiful, deep down to her soul.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

beautiful inside

I’ve seen a baby cry, and then seconds later she laughed. The beauty of life: the pain never lasts.