Raleigh, NC: Pregnant Woman Shot and Killed, Baby Survives

pregnant woman

What a tragic news story I have come across. The miracle child inspired me to write this poem.

Pregnant woman killed
Baby survives
Two shots to the back
Yet the child’s alive

6 months when delivered
Most not until 9
Some killed at 3
But that’s a blurred line.

Could we need anymore proof?
Fully formed in the womb
This beating heart takes a breath.

Alive since conception
No matter your perception
Anything after this moment is death.

I’ve seen a baby cry, and then seconds later she laughed. The beauty of life: the pain never lasts. 

What We Can Learn from Puppies and Babies

The more you try to impress people, the more you separate yourself from them. Vulnerability attracts love. Just look at puppies, or babies, everybody loves them.